5 Steps to Make Your Martini Night Special


Creating a Successful bar promotion and getting attention of guests weighs heavily on creating a unique identity for your bar. To attract new and repeat customers, you make create a unique and innovative “buzz”. Almost, everyone who loves to go tonight clubs, bars, or lounges, go online first to check the rating or reviews. Martini night is a huge event and the most important aspect of it is the hosting. Hosting draws people to your Martini night and helps customers to make their night special.

Whether you decide to come alone or with friends – live music, DJ’s, smooth Jazz, smokin’ blues, popular dance tunes, theme nights & cigars on the patio- provides everyone with the chance to socialize and mingle.

“Martini Night – because no greater night starts without Raquel’s Jazz Lounge”

In order to engage your customer’s for the martini night event like Raquel’s Jazz Lounge use to do, you might have to learn some hosting tips for making, a simple, special and swanky Martini Night;

• Martinis tastes amazing asides from being a symbol of elegance and adult recreation. So, make it special for your customers by presenting some special flavors of martinis. The common Gin is the backbone of martini and every part of it has its own particular flavor and characteristic. Dry vermouth, a fortified wine, plays a sidekick role.
• Sometimes adding some dilutions is also good, so that people can enjoy the taste of botanicals, rather than the heat of alcohol. To save time and effort, keep it simple by only offering a few martini variations at your party.
• Preparation of the martini is in facts personal choice and is enjoyable to everyone who loves martinis. Whether you shake or stir, the execution is crucial in creating a great martini. No matter the method you choose, the aim is to mix it and make it very cold!
• Put some ingredients into the cocktail shaker only when you are ready to serve it. Give it a shake over each shoulder and pour immediately. Allowing it to sit even a few moments will result in the drink becoming “watered down”, the ice melts quicker.
• Identify various open spaces in your “lounge” where you’ll place the food your guests will love to eat. When your customer`s step in, they simply seek for an open spot, where they can Savor their food and drinks while listening to scheduled live music. This not only makes it easy for you but will encourage your customers to move around.

Book an event in Raquel’s Jazz Lounge, the best-known Lounge in Rialto, CA and make your night a special!

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