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Ciroc & Flavors
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Gray Goose & Flavors
Ciroc & Flavors
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Bottle Service
Upon purchasing of bottle service you will receive 3 complimentary mixers for your cocktails (exclusig
Red bull and bottled water). the state of california sales tax will be added to all bottles. service gratuity is not includes in
the bottle prices. all bottle services reservations will be changed an 18% gratuity for servie.

Candy paint / 10
Ciroc peach, ciroc red berry, grenadine, sweet and sour, squeexe of fresh lime and lemon
Drunk in love / 10
Ciroc peach, ciroc red berry, pomegranate liqueur, pineapple juice, sprite, grenadine, blue curacao.
Dirty Purple / 12
Crown Royal apple, Hennessy, chambord, sweet and sour, blue curacao, grenadine, sprite.
Midnight sangria / 10
Stella rose black, Ciroc red berry, fresh seasonal fruit
Ecstasy / 9
Citron vodka, Bloog Orange Liqueur, cranbery Blood Orange juice
P-Love / 9
Champagne, Chambord
TimChata / 9
Rumchata, Cinnamon Whiskey, Sprinkled with cinnargon
MK Ulta / 11
Crown Royal Apple, Jack Deniels Honey, Bailey, Tequila Rose, Caramel Vodka topped with whip Cream and Caramel.
Cha-Minoe / 11
Stella Rose Black, Stella Rose Peach, Sprite, Ciroc Red Berry, with Puerrd Strawberry