Make Your Cosmopolitan Cocktail Better

Rialto, CA is filled with a variety of entertainment and relaxing vibes. The lists of restaurants in this city are endless. If you want to find a relaxing place to listen to music while sipping on a fruitful cocktail, Raquel’s Jazz Lounge is the spot for you!

Raquel’s Jazz Lounge is a cozy spot where you can listen to music and review the endless list of drinks. For Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshl

September 1, 2016
5 Steps to Make Your Martini Night Special

Creating a Successful bar promotion and getting attention of guests weighs heavily on creating a unique identity for your bar. To attract new and repeat customers, you make create a unique and innovative “buzz”. Almost, everyone who loves to go tonight clubs, bars, or lounges, go online first to check the rating or reviews. Martini night is a huge event and the most important aspect of it is the hosting. Hosting draws p

August 30, 2016

Raquel’s Jazz Loungeis an intimate, brick-clad club & martini bar with live music, DJ’s, smooth Jazz, smokin’ blues, popular dance tunes, theme nights & cigars on the patio.